“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions”

- Albert Einstein

  • 6 Tips To Make Your Phaser Game Work With CocoonJS

    6 Tips To Make Your Phaser Game Work With CocoonJS

    Power, patience and skills required to make Phaser (a fine piece of code by the way) work properly with CocoonJS are beyond simple mortals. So that's why there's a need for forces of almighty research, grand crusade of trial and error, opening the portal of endless blind tries..! Well, I just actually wanted to share 7 tips that allowed my game to work properly with CocoonJS.

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  • Massive Tanks MMO Source Released

    After a brief (reallyyy brieeff..) period of time taken for some refactoring, me and my friends finally managed to release the source of our classic MMO tanks game. Follow this url to get it on GitHub: https://github.com/LetsCoders/MassiveTanks. Client is pure HTML5, using the awesome Phaser library, while the backend (server) utilises Java with Atmosphere framework. It's based on MIT license (beside sprites, which have enforced CPL license by it's creators, which is cool by me), so feel free to use it any way you want it.

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  • Classic Tank Game Remade As An MMO

    Classic Tank Game Remade As An MMO

    Prepare to face the inevitable! Two of my friends and me stood up against to challenge in a 10 hours long development tournament held in each of large cities in Poland by SII company - Let’s code was the event’s name. During mentioned competition we’ve managed to create a mighty classic game remade as an MMO - Massive Tanks. We’ve won the local competition, now we’re taking part in internet-wide voting (och man..). So.. test the game (preferably with your friends, since it’s multiplayer), and brace yourself for an open source publication of the game content - will be available soon on GitHub. Stay tuned.

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  • How To Adjust Parent Scope On Route Change In AngularJS

    I've been approched by an issue concerning manipulating a header/footer of an AngularJS application that exceeds the scope of certain controller which is limited to only central content box. What if we would like to highlight anchors located in header or footer when we access certain route? Now this may be an issue.. but kaboom, it's not! This tutorial explains how to handle such situation with a bit of charm.

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  • Some Wicked Project Im Working On

    Space bunny

    Tinkering with.. well, stuff, takes currently all my time. But have no fear dear readers, your friendly neighbourhood developer has some goodies to show. My most time-consuming project, a simple mobile game, bloomed with some art. Pretty nifty art if you ask me. Sneak peek's available as the news banner, but to view more you just need to click "read more" below. No questions. Yes, do it now.

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