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  • How To Adjust Parent Scope On Route Change In AngularJS

    I've been approched by an issue concerning manipulating a header/footer of an AngularJS application that exceeds the scope of certain controller which is limited to only central content box. What if we would like to highlight anchors located in header or footer when we access certain route? Now this may be an issue.. but kaboom, it's not! This tutorial explains how to handle such situation with a bit of charm.

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  • How To Protect Forms From Spam

    How To Protect Forms From Spam

    Not that long ago in a city not that far away a nasty problem appeared. Spam was it’s name, and hardy and troublesome was he. Some may say that spam can contain some interesting content from time to time. Well, maybe that’s true, but when it’s filled with pharmacy offers concerning famous blue pills and send to feminine part of the company - something is terribly wrong.

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  • Simple Ext Js 4.x Application Tutorial Part 1

    Simple Ext Js 4.x Application Tutorial Part 1

    This is the first article in the series that covers development of a simple ExtJs based application. Many hate this technology, but still many also use it - so why not give it a try? Basics and some nasty tips’n’tricks will be covered in these tutorials. A word of warning - this one will be a bit robust but with every detail explained.

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  • Html To Pdf Conversion With WebKit In Symfony 2.1.x

    Html To Pdf Conversion With WebKit In Symfony 2.1.x

    Don’t you just love to hear one lovely sentence - “Hey, we’ve got a new server-side generated PDF document to make”. When you’re a Php developer, all you can do then is hit yourself in the face with an empty plate to prepare for incoming pain - all FPDF based libraries will make sure of that. But.. there’s a different solution - Wkhtmltopdf, WebKit based shell utility for html to pdf conversion written in C++. Now the question is - how to use it in Symfony 2.1.x framework?

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  • Simple CSS Parallax Without jQuery

    Simple CSS Parallax Without jQuery

    We all like magic, illusion and stuff like that - especially when something moves and mocks us while doing it while we ask ourselves one question - “How’s that damn thing working?”. Same happens when people encounter CSS parallax, which kinda looks like magic. This simple depth illusion tutorial shows how to make such effect with pure Javascript and CSS.

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