“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions”

- Albert Einstein

  • Simple CSS Parallax Without jQuery

    Simple CSS Parallax Without jQuery

    We all like magic, illusion and stuff like that - especially when something moves and mocks us while doing it while we ask ourselves one question - “How’s that damn thing working?”. Same happens when people encounter CSS parallax, which kinda looks like magic. This simple depth illusion tutorial shows how to make such effect with pure Javascript and CSS.

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  • Secure MVC Website Structure

    Secure MVC Website Structure

    You may have stumbled upon some weird constructs that mix presentation and logic all the way in. It’s hard to work with this kind of code. This little tutorial shows how to create a simple MVC structure that fits any website or web application and ease the development and maintenance.

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  • Open Source Mobile Racing Game

    Open Source Mobile Racing Game

    During my years at my University, while still being a student, I developed a small racing game using the free version of Unity3D engine. Made me proud a bit, but damn me if it wasn't hard to find tips concerning Unity3D development back then. Recently I decided that there's no reason for me to keep grasp on this piece of software. Burning Speed GT (everybody will love that name, won't they?) is now officially released as a open source project licensed under CC BY 3.0 and has it's official mini-page at www.speed.likeadev.com. Hope you'll enjoy.

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  • How to select input with array name attribute in jQuery above version 1.4.x

    How to select input with array name attribute in jQuery above 1.4

    Recently I’ve been working on some simple web page. Not much of a big deal, it contained mostly plain html with a bit of Php and JavaScript. Only one JavaScript framework was attached, and that was jQuery version 1.4.x. I was going to work on this site for a bit longer, so I said to myself “time for some updates”. And then I did it - replaced ye old 1.4.x release with fresh and shiny version 1.8.2. That’s when gates of hell opened - some of formerly working form validators suddenly broke - and the question was why?

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  • Htaccess Redirects With Certain URI And Query Parameters

    Htaccess Redirects With Certain Uri And Query Parameters

    Handling redirects using htaccess seems intuitive and easy. But sometimes when you need to quickly fix a nasty URL containing some badly composed URI and not SEO friendly query parameters things may get out of hand. To prevent you from crying all day long and wasting time on asking yourself about sense in all of this - let’s solve that problem with a style.

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