“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions”

- Albert Einstein

  • Some Wicked Project Im Working On

    Tinkering with.. well, stuff, takes currently all my time. But have no fear dear readers, your friendly neighbourhood developer has some goodies to show. My most time-consuming project, a simple mobile game, bloomed with some art. Pretty nifty art if you ask me. Sneak peek's available as the news banner, but to view more you just need to click "read more" below. No questions. Yes, do it now.

    First image presents the game's protagonist, that I first made as an experiment. It's a space rabbit. Why the tentacles? I dunno, maybe he enjoys slapping stuff around and sticking to it. Or he just sucks the life from anyone he attaches to. Anyway, he was meant to be the main antagonist, but he got promoted.

    Powerful yet humble space rabbit

    This little experiment went pretty well, so I decided to go further, and create a mock of some kind of a game background, which you can see below.

    First attempt at space background

    That also looked quite promising. That's when I decided to go even further, and create more elements available - guess where - below.

    First attempt at space background

    Project keeps rolling, so stay tuned for more ball of wrecking vector fun. Maybe some space rabitt tentacles on the face will be included.